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My story:

After Kelsey McCall thought the whole Alpha mystery was done with; Kelsey, her twin brother Scott and their best friend Stiles, are faced with another supernatural drama to figure out. A giant reptile-like creature to be exact, also known as the Kanima.

Along the road of finding out the truth, Kelsey becomes closer with Derek and his betas, especially a certain cocky curly-haired Isaac Lahey. What will happen when the two are put in a room alone? And will Kelsey’s nightmares become a reality?

{Season 2}



My friends story:

“You’re all I I’ve got in this town…”

Skye and her older sister, Darcy, have been moving from place to place with their Aunt Hayley, since the death of their parents and her other siblings six years ago. After Skye’s 16th birthday and the drama in El Dorado, her sister decides it would be best to return and settle down in their hometown of Beacon Hills.

The girls are forced to face the town they long hid from, in hopes of closure and their chapter closing allowing room for a new one. And boy has the new chapter opened up hell for them.

Reuniting with her old friends Skye, Stiles and Scott, team up to find and stop who or whatever is causing the never ending string of murders in Beacon Hills; with the help of sour wolf, Derek Hale.

On the dangerous road of unmasking the truth, and stopping the disturbances in Beacon Hills, they do the unexpected.

They fall in love.

I do not own Teen Wolf, it solely belongs to MTV and all thefantabulouswriters.

(Season 1 + 2)


"   I’d be his, if he asked.   "
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*interacts with people*

*has to take a four hour nap*